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Educational Activity Boxes for Kids

1. Want to keep your child engaged away from TV & mobiles?

2. Looking for interesting tools to boost your child’s creativity & imagination?

3. Wondering how to build crucial life skill at young age?

Then Genius box is the perfect solution for you!

Genius box activity boxes for kids are designed to enhance and energize young minds and encourage overall brain development through multiple projects and activities.

Genius Box is designed to enrich and stimulate young minds and aid overall personality development for children through exploration and play. The theme-based Activity Boxes of innovative & craft activities, science projects, learning books, math concepts, environmental projects, puzzles, physical manipulatives and board games, are shipped to your doorstep.
Children need unstructured play and experiential learning, in their formative years to develop their full potential. Play enables them to find different ways and alternative scenarios to solve challenges, while experiential learning enables children to “learn by doing” and helps consolidate the leanings in their memories.
Our mission is to build crucial skills, inculcate fearless learning and build a strong foundation through play activities, in the formative years of childhood.

What is Geniusbox?

Genius box activities boxes are age-specific, engaging & innovative kits. The theme-based kits cover a variety of subjects, from S.T.E.M to geography, world awareness, and much more.

Each Geniusbox Activity box includes a combination of:
1. Innovative Art and Craft – fostering creativity, curiosity and promoting self-expression!
2. Projects and Experiments – celebrating exploration and experimentation through hands-on projects exploring, art, science, math, environment and much more!
3. Materials and Supplies – quality material, tools and the guidance required, to bring each activity to life, is included in the kit.
4. Easy Instructions – simple, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for our young explorers to create and learn!

Genius Box Activity box is an outcome of years of research and development by early childcare specialists. An expert panel of professionals on child development and ...early learning work with a group of writers and product designers to identify fun and engaging themes. Each theme includes a diverse set of 9 to 10 hands-on activities, projects and games, across several developmental areas, for children between the age group of 3 to 8. Genius box team works carefully to design and curate activities that encourage creativity and curiosity.


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