Every Child is Born Genius

Every Child is Born Genius

This quote, originally by Albert Einstein, may seem like a general optimistic statement. But we cannot deny this fact that every child exhibits a comprehensive curiosity. Children are interested in everything, everywhere and they establish right from the beginning that their genes are structured to help them to capture, comprehend, coordinate, and employ—in all directions.

The genius is a symbol for an individual’s potential: all that a person may be that lies locked inside the early years of child’s development. So, when we say we want to help children to develop their potential, we’re essentially saying that we want to assist them in finding their inner genius and support them in guiding into pathways that can lead to personal fulfillment and to the benefit of those around them. With an increase in the number of DIY projects for kids either at school or at home, the genius of each child begins to shine. 

What makes a genius? 

A common understanding of a child genius usually involves a child prodigy but genius means essentially “nurturing the joy in learning.

It is the genius of the student that is the driving force behind all learning. All educators must have a thorough understanding of what lies at the core of each child’s intrinsic motivation to learn, and that motivation originates in each child’s genius.

According to the research, the characteristics of a genius are mentioned below:   

  • Drive: A genius has a drive that motivates them to complete tasks even if it may seem futile at first. 
  • Curiosity: They possess a keen sense of curiosity which enables them to find out information. 
  • Enthusiasm: The aforementioned thirst for knowledge means that they are very enthusiastic about learning and problem-solving. 
  • Energy: Geniuses also tend to be more capable of carrying out tasks because of an increased energy level. 
  • Imagination: These individuals have vivid imaginations that make it easy to deal with the task at hand. 

Children and playtime

Children are capable of grasping things quickly when they play. Be it an active game or a DIY project for kids, there are many important contributions taking place to their overall growth. A few important characteristics that are seen during this time, especially with educational toys, include: 

  • Socialization

DIY activities for kids like crafts or a session with playdoh can greatly benefit the way they interact. During this time, a child is surrounded by kids with a similar age group. Therefore, giving an easy mind-bender or other educational toys for 3-year-olds will encourage them to work together. 

  • Problem-solving 

Other toys like an activity box for kids can showcase a child's problem-solving skills. For example, children who can play games that involve understanding the shapes, colors, or numbers can help to better their reasoning. Therefore, learning toys offer more than just enjoyment to children. Children are capable of doing so because of their imagination, especially when it comes to something like an activity box

  • Physical health

Games like DIY crafts for kids contribute to their physical health as well. For example, activities like leaf collecting or rock painting can reduce stress, boost brain function, improve hand-eye coordination, etc. In this case, a child will show how much enthusiasm they have for the task at hand. 

  • Increased stimulation

Educational toys for 3-year-olds or older also work to stimulate the brain of a child. For example, solving puzzles, mazes, or even the odd word search will result in a more healthy and active child. The drive that they feel to accomplish a certain task plays an important role in this stimulation. 

The time that a child spends playing is also a learning experience for them. In addition to this, it is specifically this time where they showcase their true genius. That is, while playing; one can see all the characteristics that make a genius. It is essential that giving the right toys to children is also important. Thus, educational gifts for kids can do wonders for a child's overall development. 

The perfect educational gifts for kids

Activity boxes make learning easy and simple. The current perspective is that studying and playing are always separate from each other, both extreme opposites. However, given the range of educational toys that one can choose from now, a child can now have the best of both worlds. 

The toy is similar to a modern-day "activity box". These boxes contain a collection of several components that are perfect for children below the age of 8. Therefore, the next time one requires an educational gift for kids, these boxes are a great option. 

A typical activity box will cater to the following needs of a child: 

  • Room for creativity

Given that children between the ages of 2 to 8 have some of the most detailed and vibrant imaginations. This activity kit for kids ensures that they can express themselves through the art resources that are present. In addition to this, there are science and social sciences projects containing information to educate while playing. 

  • Enhanced motor skills

The educational toys are also a medium through which a child is required to use a degree of sensory and motor skills to carry out the tasks. For example, toys that involve stacking or color-coding and so on. These learning toys encourage a child to place an item in a particular manner. 

  • Increase overall attention span

With brightly colored educational toys for three-year-olds demanding their concentration, it urges them to give their attention to a single item for a long period. Toys like building blocks and clay can accomplish this. Therefore, fostering this in younger kids would mean that they would have better attention spans later in life as well. 

  • Better knowledge retention

The activity kit for kids has numerous visual aids for better learning. Be it the learning books or the math resources, a child can begin their learning and remember it at the young age of 2. As educational gifts for kids, this will help a child increase their ability to memorize and visualize concepts later in life as well. They will also help in bringing out a child's hidden potential.

All children can spend hours upon hours completing micro tasks while they play. From tiny DIY crafts for kids to physically active games, children showcase the attributes of a genius in all of them. This is especially true when children spend their time with educational toys that require concentration and determination. These toys prepare them for situations in a way that they are useful for the future as well. 

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