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Brain development is dependent upon both genetics and experiences. Early care and experiences has a decisive, long lasting impact on child’s developmental path and directly effects the formation of neural pathways. Genius Box kits are designed to enrich and stimulate young minds, and aid overall personality development through multiple learning projects and activities.

Genius Box kits are focused on developing important skills and learning that encourage children to communicate, share, play and learn naturally.


Genius Box kits are designed with three simple principles:

1. Kids are Natural Learners

Neuroscience studies on learning show that children are natural learners. Their brain is naturally inquisitive and actively seeks knowledge. They learn the best when they are exposed to resources that allow them to freely explore, experiment and discover. Genius Box kits provide a whole-brain learning adventure, which inspires fearless learning in children through hands-on activities, imaginative experiences and creative explorations.

2. Curiosity, the Secret to Success

Curiosity is hunger for knowledge, ideas and information. Perceptually curious minds are perceptual learners. Curiosity flourishes when children are stimulated or engaged in game-play and multi-sensory learning. Curious minds are more open to explore, experiment and discover. Curiosity fuels success, and as long as kids stay curious, they are motivated to learn.

3. Playing is the Best form of Learning

Spontaneous play triggers trillions of neural connections in the brain that form the basis of healthy cognitive development. Play is also important for the social, emotional, and physical well being of a child. When young minds are captivated, engaged and completely absorbed in their play, they develop important life skills like planning, organising, problem solving, as well as social skills, without even realising it. Play allows them to make sense of the world .around them without restriction or fear


is to build crucial skills, inculcate fearless learning and lay a strong foundation through play activities, in the formative years of childhood.

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