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Creators Ages 5+
World Wonders

• The Genius Box “World Wonders” kit is packed with 7 engaging activities to inspire and educate children. This kit includes : A ‘Lady Liberty’ Activity, a ‘My Incredible India’ Board Game, a “Landmarks Around the World” 30 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle , a ‘Jantar Mantar’ Sundial Activity, a ‘Touching The Sky’ Activity, ‘Mount Fuji’ Activity, ‘Wonders of The World’ game and a Landmark Enthusiast Certificate.
• The Genius Box “World Wonders” kit consists of diverse, interactive and age appropriate activities which will increase the child's general knowledge about the world, identify the 7 wonders of the world and learn more about the countries these wonders are in.
• Gift your child the Genius Box “World Wonders” to help him learn about the 7 Wonders of The World. This kit will give take your child on a Fascinating Journey Around the World!!
• All Activity materials, tools and step-by-step instructions, are included in the kit to bring each activity to life.

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Explore the set of Activities in World Wonders!

About World Wonders!
World Wonders! is a great learning experience for children to understand geography, continents and countries, as well as explore various landmarks in India and around the world. The ideas and tools are designed to enhance their general knowledge and world awareness. The engrossing games and activities are focused on developing their cognitive and critical thinking abilities.

Landmarks Around the World
‘Landmarks Around the World’ Jigsaw Puzzle
A five-piece connecting puzzle card set of six countries from around the world. The puzzles with colorful pictures will help children get familiar with interesting and famous landmarks from these countries as well as map and flag of each country. Solving puzzle also facilitate cognitive skill development like problem solving, logical thinking and memory.

‘Statue of Liberty’ Activity
A hands-on activity to introduce history and facts about world famous landmark, Statue of Liberty. Stimulates creativity; fosters fine motor skills; promotes general knowledge and world awareness.

‘Jantar Mantar’ Activity
An interesting activity to understand the basics of a clock. Children can learn how to tell time using sun’s rays. Facilitates cognitive development; strengthens fine motor skills; improves observation ability; and introduces early math concepts.

‘Wonders of the World’ Activity
‘Spot the Landmarks’ is an engaging spotting game covering monuments, natural wonders and famous landmarks around the globe. Supports cognitive development; reinforces identification and matching skills; facilitates language development; strengthens observation ability; promotes general knowledge.

‘My Incredible India’ Board Game
An interesting quiz game to help children learn and identify the great landmarks of India. Promotes language development; improves general knowledge; introduces early math concepts; and fosters social skills.

‘World’s Tallest Buildings’ Activity
A height comparison activity of some the well-known tallest buildings around the world. Fosters logical thinking; promotes general knowledge; and introduces basic math concepts of comparing, measurements and ascending/descending orders.

‘Mt. Fuji Clay Volcano’ Activity
This engrossing activity gives children an opportunity to talk and know about volcanoes. Develops small muscle control; strengthens sensory skills; stimulates creativity and imagination; and promotes general knowledge.

A certificate for our little Landmarks Enthusiast to recognise their accomplishment and completion of all activities.

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