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Planes and Rockets

• The Genius Box “Planes and Rockets” kit is packed with 7 engaging activities to inspire and educate children. This kit includes: ‘Biplane’ a Solar Energy Powered 3D Puzzle, ‘Flow with the Wind’ a D.I.Y. Weaving Craft Activity, ‘Sling-A-Shot Rocket Launcher’ a D.I.Y. Plunger Activity, ‘Glide Away’ a Balloon Rocket Activity, ‘Shuttle Launch Pad’ D.I.Y. 3D Space Shuttle Launch Pad Model Activity, ‘Jet Set Go’ a Mini Sling Shot Planes and Rockets Activity, ‘Flying Machines’ a Board Game and a Young Flight Commander Certificate.

'Planes and Rockets' theme is a great introduction to machines that fly and also get an understanding about aviation. Basics of aeronautics and aerodynamics. Familiarity with different types of aircraft from past and present. Identify parts of an aircraft. Introduction to space travel and vehicles like Rockets and Space Shuttle. Engage in hands-on S.T.E.M. activities for early learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

• Gift your child the Genius Box ‘Planes and Rockets’ kit and let your young flight commander go on a high-flying, super speed chase to discover fascinating flying machines from past and present!

• All Activity materials, tools and step-by-step instructions, are included in the kit to bring each activity to life.

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Explore the set of Activities in Planes and Rockets Kit!

All About Planes and Rockets
Things that can fly fascinate children and Genius Box ‘Planes and Rockets’ kit will further spark children’s curiosity in aviation and foster their interest in aeronautics. The kit is packed with hands-on S.T.E.M. activities and games for children to learn about aircraft from past like gliders and airship to the amazing flying machines of today, such as fighter jets, space shuttles, drones and much more. The theme will introduce basic principles of propulsion, aerodynamics and space travel.

Solar Energy Biplane

An incredibly engrossing solar powered 3D wooden biplane puzzle with a motor and a solar panel. Once assembled, place the biplane in a sunny spot, or under a light source and the solar energy will make the propellers rotate. Building the puzzle will help children in cognitive development; improve their hand-eye coordination, strengthen pincer grips, and promote organising, structuring and concentration skills. This wonderful construction kit is also a great, yet simple, way to introduce solar and renewable energy concepts to children.

‘Flow With The Wind!’ Windsock Activity

A fun, weaving craft activity to introduce windsock as a tool for measuring wind speed and direction. They will also learn that these are usually tied on a pole along the runway at airports to help pilots check the direction and speed of the wind to take off and land. Weaving the pattern will help children strengthen their hand dexterity, an essential step in developing fine motor skills. This interesting S.T.E.M. activity will also stimulate child’s curiosity in aeronautics.

‘Sling-A-Shot’ Rocket Launcher Activity

A stimulating and exciting S.T.E.M. project to explore scientific and mathematical concepts, such as energy, force and motion, propulsion, angle, altitudes and distance. It will also facilitate critical thinking, hand-eye co-ordination and strengthen muscles in their hands and arms.

‘Flying Machines’ Board Game

This simple game, of collecting a set of cards, helps children practice strategy, decision-making and organising. The game will also reinforce social graces like taking turns, patience, concentration, accepting winning and losing. The game also includes a booklet with amazing facts about aircrafts from past and present.

Shuttle Launch Pad

Imagination, creativity, critical thinking and building skills will all come into play while recreating this miniature D.I.Y. model of Spaceport (Launch Complex) with a launch pad, orbiter, boosters, fuel tank and astronauts figurines, to understand how space shuttles are sent into space. Do-it-yourself projects empower children to explore, tinker, and try to learn themselves.

‘Jet Set Go’ Slingshot Aircraft

Thrust is the force that moves a plane forward through the air. Mini planes and rocket models propelled by a rubber band is a learning tool that can explore thrust and aerodynamics. Children can experiment with thrust by observing the distance their planes fly by changing how far they pull the elastic bands before releasing them.

‘Glide Away!’ Balloon Rocket Activity

An engaging science project for young minds to explore concepts such as wind energy, air pressure, propulsion and thrust. This project will also give an understanding on how rockets work. The activity will foster their interest in rocketry as well as promote imagination, critical thinking.


A certificate for our Flight Commander to recognise their accomplishment and completion of all activities.

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