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Storytellers Ages 3+
Nature Explorer

• The Genius Box ‘Nature Explorer’ kit is packed with 9 engaging activities to inspire and educate children. This kit includes: ‘Towering Trees’ Nesting Puzzle, ‘Sunny Flowers’ Bubble Wrap Craft Activity, ‘Plant Life’ Stacking Blocks with 6 in 1 Puzzles, ‘Blooming Tree’ Stickering Activity, ‘Match Leaf Patch’ a Symmetrical Shape Match Activity, ‘Scrunchy Craft 3D Tree’ D.I.Y. Craft Activity, ‘Life on Tree’ Play-mat with Stickers, ‘Same Difference’ a Perceptual Skill Building Activity, ‘Spot Three’ a Critical Thinking Activity and a Young Explorer Certificate.

• The Genius Box ‘Nature Explorer’ kit consists of diverse, interactive and age appropriate activities for children to explore wonders of nature and create environmental awareness. The hands-on experiences will also promote critical thinking, focus and concentration abilities, observation, sensory and motor skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive development.

• Gift your child the Genius Box ‘Nature Explorer’ kit to let them go on an exploration hunt and discover the diversity in plant world!

• All Activity materials, tools and step-by-step instructions, are included in the kit to bring each activity to life.

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Explore the set of Activities in Nature Explorer Kit!

All About Nature Explorer
‘Nature Explorer’ is packed with hands-on activities for children to get an understanding of the natural world, plants and the life around it. The ideas and tools will encourage them to investigate the botanical world of plants, vegetables, flowers and fruits and help children to become better scientific observers. The theme will also build awareness about nature and respect for our environment, while addressing some key developmental areas like critical thinking, focus and concentration, observation, sensory and motor skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive development.

‘Towering Trees’ Foam Nesting Puzzle

A three-piece beginner puzzle, with easy to hold pieces, is a great way to initiate concepts like quantitative comparisons and sequencing. It facilitates, problem solving, reasoning and critical thinking. It also improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

‘Sunny Flowers’ Bubble Wrap Activity

A fun, hands-on sensory exploration with bubble wrap sheet and paint to examine, discover and create. The stimulation, by pressing the painted bubble wrap onto the paper plate to create colorful flowers, will help children strengthen their hand dexterity, an essential step in developing fine motor skills.

‘Plant Life’ 3D Stacking Blocks Puzzle

Simple to put together puzzle, with easy to hold pieces, will facilitate critical thinking, hand-eye co-ordination, organising and structuring. It will also strengthen small muscles in their hand and promote spatial awareness in children. Assembling the puzzle will introduce them to parts of a like leaves, flowers and fruits as well as the life around it, like birds and insects.

‘Blooming Tree’ Sticker Poster

An engaging activity that offers young children a wonderful opportunity to develop their creativity as well as help work on their grip in preparation for learning how to write. The activity will also foster their interest in environment and nature as well as strengthen fine motor and observation skills.

‘Life On The Tree’ Sticker Poster

This sticker activity will introduce children to life on and around a tree. They will get an introduction to birds, butterflies, squirrels and other small animals that live on or around a tree. Matching the animals with their outline will develop critical thinking and observation skills.

Match Leaf Patch Puzzle

The unique leaf-shape match puzzle is a perfect first manipulative to explore and understand symmetrical shapes. It will build fine motor skills facilitate cognitive and perceptual skills like, shape and colour recognition, sorting and slotting. Matching these, easy-to-hold, pieces will also assist in developing spatial sense and memory.

Scrunchy Craft 3D Tree Activity!

An engaging kite paper scrunching activity on a 3D tree will promote concentration, help strengthen child’s palmar grasp and develops pincer grip. It will also introduce them to the shape and form of a tree.

Same Different!

A visual processing activity of spotting a picture, which is different from the rest, will promote visual discrimination and enhance critical thinking skills.

Spot Three!

This visual discrimination activity of spotting a sequence of three of the same visuals, horizontally or vertically, will enhance memory, matching, and visual processing skills.


A certificate for our Young Explorer to recognise their accomplishment and completion of all activities.

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