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Garden Escapades

•The Genius Box “Garden Escapades” kit is packed with 8 engaging activities to inspire and educate children. This kit includes : The Little Garden Planting Activity, 'Animals In My Garden' Sudoku Puzzle, 'Garden Tree' My Growth Chart Activity, 'Twig Art' DIY Activity, 'Backyard Adventure' Croquet Game, 'My Garden Patch Match' Board Game, 'Growing a Garden' Cube Puzzle, 'Caring For My Plants' Star Chart and a Caretaking Gardener Certificate.
• The Genius Box “Garden Escapades” kit consists of diverse, interactive and age appropriate activities, which will give young explorers an opportunity to explore the nature around us. It will facilitate environmental awareness and foster a sense of responsibility towards nature.
• Gift your child the Genius Box “Garden Escapades” kit and provide them with an opportunity of hands-on learning, enquiry, observation, and experimentation around their own backyard!
• All Activity materials, tools and step-by-step instructions, are included in the kit to bring each activity to life.

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Explore the set of Activities in Garden Escapades!

All About Garden Escapades
‘Garden Escapades’ is designed to help young explorers discover nature through hands-on experiences. The activities and games will build awareness about environment and foster their curiosity for the natural world. They will also develop an understanding and appreciation for the creatures that live in a garden. This kit will give children an opportunity to connect with nature.
‘Little Garden Kit’ Planting Activity
This fun-filled gardening kit is a perfect tool for young learners to experience nature as well as learn the science about how plants grow. Children will discover and learn about different kinds of plants. Sowing the seeds in soil will help develop their sensory and fine motor skills, while watering the plants will foster a sense of caretaking and responsibility.
‘Animals In My Garden’ Sudoku Puzzles (6-in1)
Engrossing Sudoku puzzle set will offer hours of engagement, as well as introduce them to interesting garden creatures. Solving a Sudoku puzzle helps develop critical thinking, logical reasoning and basic math skills. The focus required in solving puzzles like Sudoku contributes in developing brainpower, concentration and patience.
Garden Tree, Growth Chart Activity
Children will learn about the different kinds of birds, animals and insects that live in gardens. Matching the animals with their homes or shelters will foster their interest in environment studies, as well as develop fine motor and observation skills.
The chart can also help to explore ‘measurement’. Measuring their height at regular intervals is a fun way to introduce basic math concepts.
Twig Art
A hands-on, creative activity that builds sensory and motor skills, strengthens pincer grips, fuels creativity and imagination, as well as cultivates environmental awareness. Collecting twigs and leaves from outdoors will broaden their understanding about their natural surroundings, while creating an art form with the twigs and leaves will enhance their creativity.
‘Backyard Adventure’ Croquet Game
A great lawn game to teach young players the art of patience, precision and control! Setting up their Croquet set with garden-themed material will help build small muscle control. While playing, taking aim and hitting the ball through each hoop will develop hand-eye coordination, body control and balance.
‘My Garden Patch Match’ Board Game
A learning game, designed to help children understand three different kinds of gardens. They also learn to identify different fruits, vegetables and flowers. Children will learn to ‘exchange’ cards in order to advance in the game to win. This will lay the foundation of strategic thinking, negotiation and trading skills. It will also foster pro-social behaviour and strong communication skills.
‘Growing A Garden’ 3d Cube Puzzle (6-In1)
This ‘make-your-own’ cube puzzle activity will introduce children to the various stages of gardening. This activity will enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, promote pattern recognition, and foster problem solving and spatial awareness.
‘Caring For My Plants’, Garden Adventure Star Chart
A reward chart to ensure that young gardeners take care of their plants! Children will learn to practice a daily routine of watering and nurturing their plants, earning ‘stars’ and becoming responsible for the growth of their plants.
A certificate for our CARETAKING GARDENER to recognise their accomplishment and completion of all activities.

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