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Farm Fun

• The Genius Box “Farm Fun” kit is packed with 8 engaging activities to inspire and educate children. This kit includes: A 4 Piece Wooden Raised Jigsaw Puzzle, 'My Farmyard' Model, 'Farm Friends' Balloon Activity, 'Farm Rockers' DIY Activity, 'Farm to Home' Match The Pair Puzzles, 'Peg The Farm' Game, 'Cock-a-doodle-do' Rooster Headgear Activity and a Fantastic Farmer Certificate.
• The Genius Box “Farm Fun” kit consists of diverse, interactive and age appropriate activities which will give young explorers an opportunity to learn about farm animals and the life on a farm. It will also give them an understanding about the importance of farms and farmers in our lives.
• Gift your child the Genius Box “Farm Fun” kit to introduce life on the farm and farmyard animals. This kit will take your child on a fun ride around a farmyard!
• All Activity materials, tools and step-by-step instructions, are included in the kit to bring each activity to life.

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Explore the set of Activities in Farm Fun!

All About Farm Fun
‘Farm Fun’ is packed with hands-on activities to introduce life on the farm. From chirping chicks, pecking hens, grumpy goats, bleating sheep, wobbling ducks to mooing cows, children will learn all about farmyard animals and a lot more in this fact-filled activity kit. They will also get an understanding about the importance of the farm and the farmer in providing us with food.
Wooden Cow Raised Jigsaw Puzzle
A four-piece jigsaw wooden puzzle with raised pieces for easy grip and fine motor control. The puzzle will also help children to develop logical thinking, problem solving and pattern recognition skills.
‘My Farmyard’ Model
Building a miniature farm will initiate learning about farm and different farm animals. This activity will also help build new vocabulary, foster fine motor skills as well as stimulate imagination.
‘Farm Friends’ Balloon Activity
With this engaging craft activity, children will learn and recognise unique animal features like horns, beak, snout, etc. The activity will foster observation skills, sensory and fine motor skills, encourage language development and fuel creativity.
‘Farm Rockers!’ Activity
A fun, hands-on activity for children to create some rocking animals! They can get creative while dressing up and decorating their farm friends. The activity will build small muscle control, and stimulate creativity and imagination.
‘Farm to Home’ Matching The Pair Game
A ‘Match the Pair’ puzzle set for young learners to understand that most of the products we consume at home, come from farms. The twelve, easy to hold, puzzle pieces, will help facilitate fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and encourage problem solving and concentration skills.
‘Peg The Farm’ Game
A unique game that introduces life at a farm. The beautifully illustrated farm scene is specifically designed to facilitate vocabulary building, memory boosting and concentration skills. Spotting a matching image on the board and placing a peg on it will also help develop pincer grips.
‘Cock-A-Doodle-Do’ Rooster Headgear
Get your child to crow loudly like a rooster and give the morning call ‘cock-a-doodle-do’ with this simple pretend play activity. Creating the headgear with various materials will develop their sensory and fine motor skills, while strutting like a rooster will build their large muscle control and encourage pretend play.
A certificate for our FANTASTIC FARMER to recognise their accomplishment and completion of all activities.

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