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About Genius Box

Genius Box is a library of innovative, theme-based and age-appropriate activity kits created for children between the age group of 2-7. Genius Box activity kits are designed to encourage creativity and curiosity through experiential play and hands-on exploration. With a new theme every month, each kit contains a range of interesting activities that comprise of science projects, art & craft, puzzles, math concepts, environmental projects, physical manipulatives, learning books and board games. All materials, tools and step-by-step instructions for each activity are provided within the kits, so that children can create, explore, play and learn with ease. Our expert panel of child development professionals, creative writers and product designers ensure that all Genius Box kits cater to the key developmental areas of the child.

Genius Box Age Categories

We believe that playing is the best form of learning. To help children develop their full potential, in the formative years of learning, they need unstructured play and experiential learning. Play enables them to find different ways and alternative scenarios to solve challenges, while experiential learning, enables children to “learn by doing” and helps consolidate the leanings in their memories.

We offer three, engaging and innovative kits for children, ranging in age from 2 to 7, to explore, create, play and learn!

  • Explorers: Ages 2+

    At this age, children try to lay their hands on almost everything! They love to manipulate, explore and assert their independence. Our Explorers kits are aimed at engaging toddlers in conversation, concentration and coordination.

  • Storytellers: Ages 3+

    At this age, children are full of questions! This is a time when they become active talkers. Our Storytellers kits are designed to help preschoolers foster some crucial skills like language development, critical thinking, creativity and imagination.

  • Creators: Ages 5+

    During this phase, children move from a life dominated by fantasy to one that is ruled by logic and reason. By this age they want to explore, experiment and create. Our Creators kits support school work by allowing young learners to develop their creative confidence, strengthen cognitive development and foster their self-expression and social skills.

Why Genius Box?

Genius Box kits are designed to enrich and stimulate young minds, and aid overall personality development.

Child’s brain is twice as active, as that of an adult’s, during the first 6 years of their life. In these formative years they actively seek knowledge. Their natural inquisitiveness and spontaneity to learn must be nurtured, as it lays the foundation for all learning in later years.

Brain development is dependent upon both genetics and experiences. Early care and experiences has a decisive, long lasting impact on child’s developmental path and directly effects the formation of neural pathways. Genius Box kits are designed to enrich and stimulate young minds, and aid overall personality development through multiple learning projects and activities.

Our mission is to build crucial skills, inculcate fearless learning and lay a strong foundation through play activities, in the formative years of childhood.

Genius Box kits are focused on developing important skills and learning that encourage children to communicate, share, play and learn naturally.

Our products are designed to:

  • Offer rich, multi-disciplinary learning opportunities
  • Fuel curiosity
  • Foster creativity and imagination
  • Facilitate socio-emotional development
  • Build reading and language skills
  • Encourage self-expression and develop confidence
  • Inculcate logical reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • Support cognitive and motor skills development
  • Enhance vocabulary and communication skills
  • Develop concentration and thinking skills
  • Make home learning fun, diverse and stimulating

GB Design Principles

Crafted to fuel curiosity, creativity and imagination in children!

The kits are designed keeping three simple principles in mind:

  • 1

    Kids are Natural Learners

    Neuroscience studies on learning show that children are natural learners. Their brain is naturally inquisitive and actively seeks knowledge. Research shows that children develop and learn best when they are exposed to resources that allow them to freely explore, experiment and discover. Genius Box kits provide a whole-brain learning adventure, which inspires fearless learning in children through hands-on activities, imaginative
    experiences and creative explorations, thus encouraging them to try things for themselves and become independent learners.

  • 2

    Play is the Best Form of Learning

    Play is most essential for early development of the child’s brain. Spontaneous play triggers trillions of neural connections that form the basis of
    healthy cognitive development. It is also extremely important for the social, emotional, and physical well being of a child.
    When young minds are captivated, engaged and completely absorbed in their play, they develop important life skills, like planning, organising, problem
    solving, flexibility, creativity and social skills, without even realising it.
    Play allows them to master reality and make sense of the world around them without restriction or fear.

  • 3

    Curiosity, the Secret to Success

    “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein Curiosity is hunger for knowledge, ideas and information. Perceptually curious minds are perceptual learners. Curiosity flourishes when children are stimulated or engaged in game-play and multi-sensory learning. Curious minds are more open to explore, experiment
    and discover new things by touching, feeling, observing, imagining or creating.
    Curiosity fuels success, and as long as kids stay curious, they are motivated to learn.

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